To Whom It May Concern,

How the title was born

The title of this project "To Whom It May Concern," derived from one of our experiences we made during this initiative. We were scanning an open scanner located in the USA. In the very moment of us scanning it there was a document on the scanner bed: An open letter of a charitable library.

The letter was asking for further fundings to be able to buy more books. The letter didn't have a specific recipient, rather it was directed to anyone who read it, in this case us. The letter started with the common sentence To Whom It May Concern, whoever is reading this, whoever feels appointed to. Somehow we felt that this letter was left on the scanner bed on purpose waiting for people to scan and read it, and maybe donating money. That's what we did, we donated money to the charitable library. Also to say thank you for inspiring us for the title.

We felt this title is a perfect match, we don't know who the recipient of our prints is, neither do we know who is visiting our website to read more on this topic, and in the end our goal is to raise concern.

So we decided to include this sentence in every document that we print out on open printers. To Whom It May Concern, to the person who is reading this, to everyone who feels spoken to, feeling that open and unsecured networks can lead to major problems in a world which is continuously connecting more and more things to the internet.